Phosphorus versions of CERES & CROPGRO 3.5*



1. Download executable files, pkunzip them, and replace the respective DSSAT 3.5 files.

2. Download sample maize and soybean data and pkunzip in appropriate directories.

Click here to download executable files

Click here to download sample maize and soybean data

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For the complete documentation on the P version of DSSAT please consult: Daroub, S. H., A. Gerakis, J. T. Ritchie, D. Friesen, and J. Ryan. 2003. Development of a soil-plant phosphorus simulation model for calcareous and weathered tropical soils. Agric. Syst. 76(3):1157-1181.

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Executable file of rice model with P

Sample data for rice model with P

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